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TBR Lab secures grant funding from DBJ

KINGSTON, JAMAICA: The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) has announced that it will provide a capacitybuilding grant to TBR Lab, a high level tech accelerator committed to the growth and development of high potential tech entrepreneurs in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The DBJ has awarded US$150,000 to the accelerator that will result in some 30 Jamaican tech start-ups benefitting this year.

This support for TBR Lab is the first in a series of grants for incubators and accelerators supporting Jamaican entrepreneurs that will be made under the DBJ’s Boosting Innovation Growth and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (BIGEE) Programme, funded by a Government of Jamaica US$25 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank and being executed by the DBJ.

Up to 30 entrepreneurs will benefit from the DBJ’s intervention, as using the grant, TRB Lab will train and showcase two cohorts of approximately 15 Jamaican tech start-ups in their accelerator over the one-year period. Jamaican entrepreneurs in the programme will receive access to upwards of US$600,000 in perks and resources from global enterprises including Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Microsoft, and Google, as well as world class learning opportunities delivered by successful entrepreneurs and others from the global tech industry.

“At the DBJ, we view this relationship that we have forged with TRB Lab as significant, and it augurs well for the Jamaican Tech entrepreneurs. Jamaica is certainly not short on talent and our entrepreneurs are to be found worldwide. This relationship with TBR Lab has already benefitted some 15 entrepreneurs including Pree Labs, Star Apple Analytics, WiPay Jamaica and Farm Credibly,” states Christopher Brown, General Manager, Project Management Office at the DBJ, who has direct responsibility for the BIGEE programme.

“We are happy to see our long-standing relationship with the DBJ mature, with our evolution from ecosystem builder to accelerator. The team at the DBJ has always supported our vision and we are proud to have them with us on this journey. TBR has been providing value to entrepreneurs in the region throughout our entire existence, but our Lab has allowed us to step up our involvement and impact, and the results we are seeing have been tremendous. There is a lot of activity happening in Jamaica and we are excited for this new phase in the island’s digital economy growth story.” Kirk-Anthony Hamilton, Co-Founder, Tech Beach Retreat and TBR Lab.

TBR Lab has a robust partnership with IDB Lab and the DMZ, a world-leading accelerator, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and a range of corporate sponsors, including Microsoft and the Caribbean’s Massey Group. The Founders’ vision is to radically transform the digital landscape of the Caribbean and emerging markets by empowering the emergence and proliferation of high-growth tech start-ups, as well as enable employees, SMEs, enterprise organizations and governments to leverage technology as a driver for their own success.

TBR Lab is an outgrowth of Tech Beach Retreat that started in Jamaica six years ago and grew into a technology ecosystem, connecting people and organizations positioning them to evolve through technology, with the skills, resources, opportunities, and leadership to help them solve big problems and accelerate their transformation.

The DBJ is Jamaica’s leading development bank and provides opportunities to all Jamaicans to improve their quality of life through development financing, capacity building, public-private partnership, and privatisation solutions, in keeping with Government policy.